The TumbleCloud Manifesto.
Friday, May 22, 2009 at 1:50PM
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Life is multi-dimensional. So, why don’t we act that way?

It used to be that you had only one life, one identity, one reality. Then came the internet & 10,000 new possibilities for how to be alive. Now, no matter where you are on the planet, your life is a dance where you pick the steps from a thousand mirrored glimpses of yourself on dance floor wall.  You live in a world of different communities, different selves, different dreams & ambitions & all of them are possible at any given moment.

The big question is no longer “who am I?” The big question is rather “who do I want to become now?”

Being multi-dimensional means being fluid & creative & alive to the possibilities. We are no longer a singular self. Being multi-dimensional means that we create simultaneous selves in every moment depending on the people we play with, the experiences we embrace, the worlds we imagine. We are already multi-dimensional. Isn’t it time we communicate that way?

Creativity for everyone.

We believe that if anyone has anything to add to the global conversation, we’d be foolish to limit their access. We also believe it’s self-evident, at this moment, that our global leadership is lacking any real insight into the deep, long-term problems facing the world.

We also think that it’s pretty self-evident that we are infinitely creative if you give us the problem & the tools to solve it. So, we here at TumbleCloud would like to do our part. We are giving creativity tools to everyone, no exceptions. Tools that allow anyone to show how they came to their conclusions about life. Tools to share experience & beauty & meaning. Tools to help us all remember why life is worth celebrating & protecting.

Arranging the pieces is the key to finding the answers we need

We are living in a time when our knowledge is increasing more quickly than we can understand it. When the discovery of a scientist in the rainforests of Brazil can change the way a city engineer arranges the streets & parks in a new city in China. We believe that we need everyone arranging & rearranging the knowledge we have constantly, looking for the obvious clues we might have missed in our focus on the details. Consider it a giant game to take all of Life to the next level. We believe that’s a game worth playing.

Actually, we know that’s a game worth playing.

Believe that we can do it, because even if you don’t, we are doing it anyway. Because now is the time for us to make a new story.  A story that reminds & inspires & remembers. A story that laughs & sings & dances.

It’s how you make a new world that works. For everyone. No exceptions.

Outsiders know more about how the world works than insiders.

Insiders know how to game the system. They’re not really interested in changing the system, no matter how obvious its flaws. Unfortunately, the flaws of our current system – isolated nation-states, unrestrained environmental degradation, religions that have forgotten the prime commandment to respect all life – are so massive that they have the potential to erase us all.

Outsiders don’t have a vested interest in keeping the system alive. We’re more willing to try new strategies. Invent new solutions. Tolerate more diversity. Play more wildly. We can almost guarantee that the next great era of the planet is not going to come from tweaking the system. It’s not going to come from fixing anything. It’s going to come from playing a bigger game than we’ve ever imagined & we believe that means everyone gets invited to play.

Remembering who we are

We believe that we really only have one problem as a planet: we’ve forgotten who we are. That the only way to remember is to start asking everybody & then listening. Really listening. Like it matters. Because it does.

We believe that remembering who we are means remembering that anyone who tries to convince us to be afraid, or to hate, or to kill, is sick & deserves pity. They need help & we should do our best to remember that. But, we should never, ever believe them.

Giving the tools for change to everyone

We believe that if we had the tools to create a world that works for everyone, that almost everyone would use them. Because we all want to help.

There is enough for everyone.

We believe that our problems will be solved by all of us coming up with creative solutions collectively & collaboratively. They will not be solved by hanging on & hoarding. We believe that a good way to learn this is by making something of beauty, something meaningful. Watch what happens when other people come on board & start to play along. The thing you’ve made is still there, but now it’s a part of a much bigger thing. We believe TumbleCloud is a way to remember how to play together again, for all of our benefit.

Open source

More of us loving something & making it better means more people will join us. It’s pretty simple & it’s already changing the world.

Playing full out means doing the work.

One of the myths that have held us back as a planet is that playing is somehow less than serious work. We disagree. We believe that playing full out is the most serious work we can do. Joy & love will always & forever trump fear.

We believe that too many people have been held back by short-sighted systems: education, economics, national interests. It’d be great if that would all go away. But it’s not going to (at least right away). If you’re one of those people who’ve been held back, all we can promise you is an equal playing field. Show us all what you’ve got. Be open to being pushed. Be open to being challenged. We want you at your best, whatever that is. For all of us.

We believe it’s a future worth playing for…


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