This moment. Exactly so.

Click for full size version..There is nothing more I ask, she said,
than this moment, exactly so
& she looked at me & my heart danced
& forever suddenly seemed too short a time

 I was on twitter the other day & I got a note from Christina at Inspiration Flirtation (on twitter: IFlirtation). It seems she was holding a Storypeople-esque challenge on her blog & she was hoping I'd drop by to check it out. Well, I did & when I saw what it was, I immediately went into competitive mode. Not only would I do something, but I'd win. (Yeah, I know. It's something I'm still working through, but at least they've got me weaned off the raw meat now...)

(For those of you who drop by her site, you'll immediately see that it wasn't THAT kind of challenge. It was a creative challenge. A way of jumpstarting your creativity. Can I help it that my creativity jumpstarted with claws & fangs & went bounding off through the countryside looking for innocent victims? You say creative challenge. I say Death Match. Whatever.)

Anyway, I did have the sense to write her back & say that I was thinking of doing something, but I wasn't quite sure it was fair. I mean, it's kind of tricky to do something StoryPeople-esque when you're the one who actually does Storypeople. (I was much better at parodying myself when I was younger. But I've been thinking this way for so long now, that I actually might BE a parody & I'd have no idea. Maybe I should run it by the crew at the Facebook group I Hate Brian Andreas again, just to be sure... :-))

She wrote back & said she'd love to have me join in the fun. So, here it is. An entirely new story. Though I have to admit that the REAL new story has a few more words in it. Maybe four or five more. But, I had to trim it to the 30 word limit that the Death Match demanded...

Hope you enjoy it.

with love, Brian