Flair for the dramatic.

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We always thought we would have Buddha-baby children. You know. Calm & happy, with their thousands of past lives glowing like a serene lighthouse of wisdom behind their eyes. It made sense to us, since we were (relatively) calm, too, to our way of thinking.

The operative word was 'relative'. While we are calm compared to a Mary Kay convention, or any normal day at the DMV, we are not what an innocent bystander would call calm. In fact, when we lived in a small town in Iowa, a friend called us the Norwegian-Italian family on the block: Norwegian because of all the blond boys & Italian because there was always someone yelling, or laughing, or crying. Often simultaneously. I could navigate my way home from the studio with my eyes closed, simply by following the noise.

So, we have finally come to see that we have the children we deserve & to tell you the truth, after all these years with them, we wouldn't have it any other way. It'd be too quiet & we'd always be vaguely anxious about when all hell was going to break loose...:-)

with love, Brian